Spring 2015 Reel

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Putting a reel together is a great opportunity to look back on the work you’ve done. Normally you move straight on to the next job with little time for reflection!

But compiling a reel forces you to review your work dispassionately again – like anyone looking at it for the first time would do. Everything on this reel I’ve either written, directed or shot.

Mostly I’ve done at least two of those, some all three! Budgets range from the tiny to the reasonable (I’ll leave you to work out which ones they might be.) Material was shot anything from DSLRs through broadcast cameras to Red Epic. Locations varied – there’s bits in here from Greece, The Philippines and Indonesia but recent years have also seen me shooting in Hong Kong, West Africa, Thailand and all over Europe.

Without exception I’ve enjoyed making every single thing on this reel. Looking back (and trying to be subjective about the films) has been great fun too!

SPL can make your production money work harder too. A small budget doesn’t necessarily limit our ambitions or what we can achieve. Our toolbox for this includes loads of lateral thinking coupled with years and years of film-making experience. You can get all of that in just a quick email or phone call. Use the enquiry link at the bottom of this page to contact us soon!

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