Shoot & Edit

SPL Communications offer shooting and editing packages in many different formats up to 4K format – including 3D with our Panasonic HDC-Z10000. Packages can be fully or partly crewed with broadcast-experienced staff.

We have wide experience of shooting in many different parts of the UK – and the world! SPL’s network of global contacts ensures that even at very short notice we can arrange for crews in any location – far flung or just round the corner.

Multiple camera shoots are no problem, as are specialist requirements like high speed (for ultra slow motion) underwater and special rigs for sports, cars and a whole lot more. We have the expertise and contacts to get what you need captured in-camera – professionally and without fuss.

In terms of editing we started on SD (standard definition) A few years ago we started editing exclusively HD. Now we edit up to 4K in 2D or 3D!

We now have two edit suites. Our first and newest is 4K-capable and runs Adobe CC applications. 4K monitoring is available if required. However for most projects we shoot 4K and edit to HD.

Our 3D system runs Adobe Première Pro with 2D grading from Magic Bullet. Its 3D capability is taken care of by the latest Go-Pro/Cineform software – Studio 3D professional. This includes revolutionary 3D grading and muxing software as well as lots of other plug-ins to make 3D editing simple. However you DO have to wear the silly glasses still!

Our systems can ingest and work with files up to 4K resolution including those from Black Magic, Alexa, RED and Phantom cameras – all in 2D or 3D!

3D editing is available on request; you don’t have to have shot your production with us to hire it.

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