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One day we were asked to make a training film – but with a difference! Normally when we get asked to make training films it’s for something technical that requires lots of complex shooting.  But this one was different!

What we had to do was to make a short film to intrigue and inspire a group of people and leave them with a very simple yet powerful message.  Simple? Not really – the time we had to deliver it was counted in days not weeks!

We decided on what appeared to be a very simple concept – a presenter talking to camera. However we had the idea of all the captions (and lots more) being reacted to by the presenter. Easy enough? Well judge for yourself. The whole shoot was storyboarded and then each scene was plotted out so that the presnter’s actions would match the motion graphics.

A great presenter, a super-quick crew and an understanding Client helped things progress quickly and some late nights and a bank holiday weekend in the post-production house (using Fire, Flame and AE) did the trick. If you’re interested in training and motivational films that DON’T look like anything else you’ve seen use this form to contact us today!

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