SPL offers a wide range of training programmes, all connected with the medium of TV. Here are details of upcoming courses now available to book. You can find more details on my new dedicated training site: Ian Sandall Video.


There are two courses currently available for booking. One is for half a day and one is for 6 months! See right below for details of the half day course in conjunction with The Talk of Manchester.  Go to the bottom of the page to find out more about the six month Film Production course I run at SSR in Manchester.


Make your own videos for Social Media using just your phone!


In conjunction with The Talk of Manchester, we’ll be running this ever-popular course again on Wednesday 14th June 2017 at Workplace in Manchester.





Video sells. It can sell your company, your product or your service – and even you!

Worked right, video keeps people on your site or Facebook page for longer, sells more product, enhances your site’s ranking and definitely increases your personal profile. What would the web be without You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr and Vine – let alone Facebook? They all use video, and there are loads of people out there using it – and using it well!

Now you can start leveraging the power of video for your business – without it costing a fortune.

These days there’s no need to spend thousands on making simple videos for your Social Media channels. With a bit of prep and planning it’s easy enough to do it yourself.

Yes really!

Time was, to make a video you needed a lot of expensive kit to make it happen. Cameras, big lights, and plenty of people. But now, most of the tools to make simple, persuasive videos to aid your social media presence are in everyone’s pocket. That’s right – your smartphone!

Over the last three years I’ve trained literally hundreds of people in smartphone filming. Every time we run a course the demand increases and recent feedback has shown that people love the theory and my insights into working with video but they also want more practical hands-on help.  So now I’ve expanded the workshop to include a quick practical session in which you can really get ‘hands on’! 

In it, I’ll not only show you how to get the best out of your smartphone, enabling you to shoot really great-looking pieces. I’ll also show you how to write, put together and (if you want) appear in them yourself!

Let’s get one thing straight – after this workshop you’re not going to win an Emmy for your videos. But the reward you’ll have is the knowledge and confidence to create short videos for the web that you can actually be proud of – and that will have cost you virtually nothing to make.

In this info-packed workshop I’ll share with you many of the trade secrets that separate the pros from the amateurs. Some that only presenters know and some that only people behind the camera know.

After a lifetime of working in the biz, I know most of them. Following these tips will instantly make you look more relaxed, confident and knowledgeable on camera as well as arming you with the tools to make your videos more relevant, more of the time … and targeted exactly at the right people.

I’ll tell you what subjects work and what don’t… what the ideal length for a video on each different social media outlet should be.

We’ll cover scripting, presenting and talk about the filming – plus look at editing with iMovie on your IoS device – and all you’ll need is your phone (or an iPad) – and some simple inexpensive accessories.

And after all the talking we’ll be starting on the ‘doing’ with a quick practical session covering lighting, framing, sound and all the basics of filming followed by editing.

So whether you want to make your own videos for your company – featuring your products or services – or whether you want to make your own video blogs, this workshop is for you!

Still not convinced? Think it might be too hard?  Well, lots of people think they don’t have enough technical knowledge to make videos. Not true!  If you can use a smartphone or a laptop you’ll be good to go after this workshop! I’ll cover and explain:

  • Why the first TV show you ever remember watching is important.
  • Scripts: How to write one in 5 minutes.
  • Shooting video on smartphones: The five most common mistakes and how to (easily) avoid them. (And whatever type of Apple or Android device you have, I’ll show you how to use a cheap app to get the best video out of it!)
  • Lighting: How very simple lighting makes everyone look good.
  • Sound: How a cheap eBay purchase makes all the difference.
  • Camera techniques: The simple rule that’ll make every shot better.
  • … and loads more!

Over the last couple of years I’ve run this workshop for individuals and companies – and many people have gone on to use video successfully at work and for themselves.  I’ve had loads of great feedback too!

So click here to book now – remember places are limited and normally sell out fast!

About Me – Ian Sandall

For the last twenty five years I’ve been producing, directing and writing video. Although based in Cheshire I work all over the world.

I’ve worked on everything from Network TV to music videos, drama to comedy, TV ads to training films …from multi-camera productions with massive crews to shooting stuff myself in a tropical jungle! I’ve worked with big stars and ordinary members of the public …. CEOs of Blue Chips, to workers on the factory floor and over the years I’ve gathered a few scary tales and more than a few insights into what makes good video (and what makes a good presenter!)

As well as delivering training in public workshops and universities, as well as to companies and organisations in the private and public sector, I continue to produce and direct videos and TV ads. Recent clients have included big names like PZ Cussons, B&Q, Barclays Bank, Amec Foster Wheeler, ITC Luxury Travel, MINI and many others.

Now I’ve put that knowledge and insight together and designed a course specifically for everyone interested for making video. These are often people who know they need to make video, but maybe haven’t got the in-house knowledge, budget or resources to do it successfully. Until now, that is!

So book now and get empowered to start harnessing the power of video for your social media channels.






Follow Ian on Twitter for full details: @ianspl


Our training consultancy service also offers bespoke training to companies of all sizes. This includes video production using smartphones, basic video editing, presenting and interviewing skills, a course on how to commission video work as well as our media asset consultancy. Please contact us for more information using the link at the foot of this page.




Starts September 2017: Six Month Film Production Diploma

If you’re looking for an introduction to the world of lights, cameras and action, SSR’s new 6 month Film Production course will equip you with the fundamental skills you need to get going and start shooting.

I’ll be giving you the benefit of my many years of industry experience and we also have an interesting rota or other industry professionals lined up as guest lecturers. The course is essentially practical although we do cover quite a lot of theory in the first few weeks. Although there are no formal entry requirements, it’ll help if you’re educated to GCSE level, have had some relevant media work experience and are reasonably proficient with computers.  It would also be useful if you can demonstrate a passion and interest in all things film and video.

Delivered over two 3-hour evening sessions each week for six months, you’ll learn all about cameras and how to operate them, study lighting and composition, explore the principles of video, and master microphone and audio techniques.

During the course you’ll have access to the wide range of film and video facilities at SSR including the dedicated Film Studio and Finishing Suite, Blackmagic and Canon cameras, lighting packs, track, dolly and jib systems, location mics, and more.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a practical working knowledge of the video industry and will have scripted, filmed and edited three short films. You’ll also have the skills to be able to begin creating your own content, or start assisting and working on film shoots and getting your name out there.

The course is designed for beginners, although those with some prior experience looking to refresh the fundamentals are also welcome.

Let us start you on your journey into the world of film and video – who knows where it might take you?


  • Basic Video Principles
  • Anatomy Of A Camera
  • Lighting & 3 Point Lighting
  • The Lens & Shutter
  • Sound Techniques & Microphone Theory
  • Microphone Techniques
  • White Balance & ND Filters
  • Location Shoot Principles
  • Legal Considerations
  • Depth of Field & Frame Rates
  • Editing
  • Practical Assignments

Registration is open now so go here to book or to find out more about SSR in Manchester.