DSLR (self-shot) Reel 2012

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Recently we’ve put together a new reel of Ian’s self-shot work. It’s all shot on DSLR and it’s a salute to an era that is about to end. Why?

Well, reason is that large sensor movie cameras are coming out thick and fast (and at reasonable money) and with a quality and usability that will leave all those ‘photographers who also shoot a bit of video on my 5d’ (LOL) far behind.

These new bits of kit will deliver great image quality, super-shallow depth of field and no more moire patterns and nasty compressed codecs. Mercifully, video will be left to video people again (apart from the odd photographer who actually starts to invest) as these cameras require a fair amount of additional kit to make them work properly (or to even mount them on a tripod!)

Not that we’re against photographers per se, it’s just that the two disciplines don’t really cross over – it’s a rare and gifted photographer who can shoot convincing video and you should see Ian’s stills… !

In fact the tables are about to be turned. With the advent of 4K cameras, videographers will be able to deliver decent-quality stills from their rushes – often negating the need for the client to have a photographer on location at all! Happy days!

We’ve got a new camera coming on test soon and the results of our investigations will be on this site as well as published in the IoV Focus magazine (www.iov.co.uk)

In the meantime if you’d like a decently-priced ‘end of an era’ DSLR-originated video shot and directed by Ian please contact us.

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