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Film and Video production is what we do at SPL and we’ve always made TV commercials. Recently, we’ve finished this TV commercial for Davies Paints in the Philippines.

30 and 15 second ads for a new formaldehyde-absorbing wall paint by Davies called CleanAir were co-written and directed by Ian Sandall from an original creative concept by Big Idea’s Robert Taylor. They were cast and shot in The Philippine capital, Manila whilst post-production was handled back in the UK both in-house at SPL and by leading Manchester post-house Editz.

This is the second TV commercial from the combined forces of Big Idea Asia and SPL for Davies Paints having previously worked together in 2011 to create the successful ‘Walls in Fashion’ campaign.

SPL’s Ian Sandall commented: ‘Asia’s growth continues at an amazing pace and The Philippines with a population of almost 100M is a rapidly expanding market.’ The new TV commercials feature a family suffering from the effects of formaldehyde which is released from fabrics and furniture in their home and goes on to show the result of re-painting with Davies CleanAir paint. Not for nothing is the commercial titled ‘Happy Family’.

Sandall continues: ‘We worked closely with Big Idea to ensure the TV commercial was carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of the local market, demonstrating our ability to work global and think local. For the local Philippines audience the TV commercial hits all the touch points and will stand out in a busy ad break yet is totally understandable to an audience who don’t necessarily speak English all day.’

Post-production was completed in just 8 days at Editz by a six strong creative team.

Editz Creative Director Rob Pickard added: ‘Ian Sandall came to us with the offlines and we took it from there with individual members of the team working on separate elements, all of them being combined daily on Smoke. Basically every frame of the ad has been treated in CG and combined in Smoke, so it’s a real achievement to deliver this on schedule against a tight deadline. It was also fun working on an ad for a completely different market.’

The commercials will transmit during the two main decorating seasons in The Philippines.

Here is the 15 second version:

Ian Sandall concludes: ‘The Philippines is a great place for filming TV commercials with a wide variety of beautiful locations like pristine jungle, wonderful tropical beaches and plenty of Western-style architecture. It also has the advantage of offering great weather most of the year. It also has good studio facilities, well-equipped equipment rental houses and experienced crew at cost-effective prices. I can really recommend it to any Agency looking for a different look for a TV commercial!’

Making TV ads is all part of the business to us and we are used to working with statutory authorities in the UK and abroad to arrange approvals and clearances. If you’d like to know more about this or any other of our 3D or 2D productions, please get in touch using the Contact Form and we’ll get right back to you.

SPL Communications produces TV commercials and corporate videos and has recently commissioned and opened the North’s first 3D edit suite especially for exhibition and corporate productions.

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