Classic Cars in 3D – Season Two

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The first season of Classic Cars in 3D certainly caused a stir with some episodes being sold to a well-known Asian TV manufacturer as great examples of 3D content! All episodes were also sold to Virgin Media in the UK.

So buoyed with the success of Season One, early in 2013 we started planning Season Two with the intention of upping the quality and quantity to show at least two different cars per half hour. Also instead of just British cars we decided to have some European and American cars as well.

However just as things got going and the weather calmed down, we got really busy with ‘proper’ jobs right through the summer, so the car shooting slowed down. However with the end of the year in sight we’re now all sorted for ten new episodes – over 20 cars. Seeing as each car takes at least a day to shoot and we’ve been all round the UK to shoot them, it’s been a a lot of work – but boy have we got some good stuff!

Here’s our 3D ‘sizzle’:

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