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20 (and a half) things you need to know about commissioning your own video (but didn’t know who to ask)

There’s no doubt that video is an effective, ever-expanding medium for getting your content out there, and delivering additional value for your company’s audience – but how do you go about producing video content if you have no previous experience? What are the key considerations before commissioning video to promote your company and your team’s […]

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Now you CAN do it yourself (Again)

Over the years people have asked me many times to help them make their own videos themselves. And I’ve always resisted, working on the principle that I’m doing myself out of a job. But finally with the success of the Vodcast project for ITC I’ve been persuaded to change my mind and not so long […]

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Software Reviews

Over the last few months I’ve been writing some reviews for Focus Magazine (the monthly magazine of the Institute of Videography) So far I’ve been covering software.

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