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Problem: You have a requirement to put a lot of simple videos on the web quickly and on a regular basis but you don’t have the budget. What do you do?

Answer? Call SPL! We have developed a system to do just that!

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CEO Jen and Travel expert Natalie in ITC's studio


Many forward-thinking owners and managers of SMEs know that to grow their online presence, video is an ideal tool.

But today, just having one or two videos doesn’t cut it. Content is king; new videos (or Vodcasts) need to be added regularly to keep Google happy and to give you more reasons to blog, tweet, post and email. Studies have shown that user-generated content alone really isn’t effective and it certainly doesn’t do your carefully-nurtured brand any favours!

So how do you regularly produce informative and effective video that looks like ‘real TV’ all on a low, fixed budget whilst keeping everything on-brand and on target?

Filming in the ITC studio

In the summer of 2013, this was the challenge that was presented to SPL Communications by our Client ITC Luxury Travel.

ITC is one of the UK’s leading independent luxury travel companies. This multi-award winning company offers the very best of inspirational luxury holiday experiences coupled with unrivalled levels of service. Based in Chester and currently celebrating their 40th anniversary, they regularly feature in the Sunday Times ‘Best small company to work for’ list.

Stephanie Edwards on the camera


Even in today’s competitive media scene, the cost of professionally shooting and editing large amounts of material can add up. And our client had some other requirements as well:

  1. A minimum of two new videos a month would be required, but quite probably more
  2. They wanted to be able to film pieces at the drop of a hat – for instance, when suppliers came in they could be quickly interviewed making a pitch for their particular hotel or leisure activity
  3. And they wanted some of the staff to be able to present their videos – and even operate the equipment.

After discussions it was agreed that realistically what would be needed would be effectively a ‘half-way house’ between traditional user-generated content (UGC) and full-blown professional production; certain compromises could be made – which in the context of the subject matter and style of presentation – would be understandable and totally acceptable to the viewer. In other words, it wouldn’t be a ‘turn off’. This is backed up by recent research.

It was also decided from the outset that video editing would not be attempted in-house – poor editing being one of the obvious giveaways of conventional UGC. Also, a strong corporate look was vital, pulling all the Vodcasts together using the company’s branding.

Lastly, a budget for the remainder of ITC’s financial year had already been allocated!

So just like the holidays they plan, ITC were looking for a bespoke solution at a cost-effective, fixed price – and SPL Communications rose to the challenge!


SPL’s solution combined familiar ‘kit’ with inexpensive add-ons together with professional-standard post-production…..

Want to read more? Find out now how we rose to the challenge to allow ITC to make around 50 videos a year whilst still keeping within their very tight fixed budget. This could be just what YOUR company needs!

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