A Most UNcorporate video

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We’ve just finished the production of the launch promo for Steamhaus. (www.steamhaus.co.uk)

Steamhaus is a boutique hosting company so if you need to know about them, take a look at their wonderful-looking site

Over three days of shooting we created the look that director Dennis Keighron-Foster required. So we ended up with a day drone filming, another day in an old mill and one final day in the Steamhaus offices.

Lukas (drone pilot) and Dennis concentrate on a shot

Office sequences were shot using a Ronin gimbal rig onto which the Sony FS7 fits – just!

FS7 fits. Just!

Mill sequences used the FS7 again but mounted on a dolly running on quite a lot of track!

Greg Cheetham was DoP

After the offline by Ian and Dennis, the main post-production and the making of all the steam effects was left to the experts at Boardwalk Studios in Manchester. The design of sound effects was carried out by Craig Burgess at Deft Ear.

Many thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this production. If your company wants a corporate video that doesn’t look like anyone else’s, Dennis and Ian will be pleased to help. Click the link at the bottom of the page to get in touch (or call Ian on 07831 255410) to start the ball rolling!

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